Hi I Am Jaywardhan B Makwana ,

You Are Also Be Like Me If Your AdSense Approval For Website Rejected. But Don’t Worry I Am Starting A New Category For AdSense Alternatives. So Let’s Get Started.


CoinHive Don’t Need Aproval. In CoinHive You Can Earn By Your Visitors CPU Power.

Monero Coin XMR ‘s Price(Current) Is 6585 INR (96 USD). Monero Is Also A Cryptocurrency Like Bitcoin.

With Help Of CoinHive You Can Earn Monero XMR Coins.

You Can Earn Though It By Two Ways :- 

  • By Short Links Want To See Example Click Here. Short Links Will Be Same As Adfly Or Shorte.St Links But Here Difference Will Be With Other URL Shortener You Ear Money. Here You Will Get XMR Coins But You Can Convert Them To Real Money Same Like Bitcoins.
  • By Mining CoinHive Will Generate A Script Place It On Your Website Coding. & Give Your User Ad Free Experience And Let Them Mine XMR For You. If You Use WordPress There Many Plugins Available That Will Do It And Even Some Can Create Donate By Mining Page So Your Visitors Can Mine XMR For You At Their Flexibility.  Check Out Now For WP Click Here.
  • By Captcha. You Can Easily Integrate With Any Site (Also Plugin Available For WP) With Help Of CoinHive Captch You can Earn Money Whenever A Captcha Solved.

My Recommendation :-

  • Set CPU Throttle To Minimum 20 To Upto 50 % Only Because If Your Visitors Are Doing Doing Multitasking With Browsing He/She Can Experience Lag.
  • Create Donate By Mining Widget (Using Wp Plugins). If Your Visitors Are Loyal And Trustworthy They Will Sure Mine For You. If You Are Giving Value To Them. For Example Check Out. Click Here.

Advantages & Disadvantages :-

  • You Can Give Visitors Ad Free Experience.
  • Better Work With If Visitors Are PC/ Laptop Users.
  • Whenever You Create Short Link Set It Hashes Lower If You Have Mobile Traffic It Will Take Time To Redirect.
  • If You Set Hashes Your Income Will Be Also Lower So Set Hashes Carefully.
  • Mining Drain Battery Keep That In Mind. May Be A Problem For Mobile Visitors.

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