Hello Friends
I am Jaywardhan Makwana.
I create YouTube videos on my channels JB Tech Tricks & Thal Gamer. also i post some amazing content on My Website JBMakwana.Co.In
I do live streams. You can play with me in sub games.

Why Sponser Community ?
our YouTube community is growing day by day. so with help of Sponser I can create a special for Member Communtity & offer exclusive perks. with support I can produce more content and will be beneficial for whole community.


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Why I Need Money ?
because i spend on internet, devices ,equipment,maintenance & upgrade… pay bills of streaming software. & also need for my treatment so it will be helpful if someone give little support.

Who Am I ?
I am Jaywardhan Makwana.
Computer Engineer , Gamer, Blogger ,Content Creator
a Thalassemic patient


you will get refund but excluded of transaction charge.